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loopy777's Journal

3 August
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Bah weep graaaaagnah weep ni ni bong!

(That's the universal greeting.)

Howdy, LJ community! If you're a fan of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" or the Transformers franchise, you might recognize me as Loopy on Avatar Spirit (Loopy777 on fanfiction.net and deviantArt) or Jetfirespam on The Allspark. I'm also a fan of Star Wars, and many science fiction and fantasy stories that aren't as merchandise driven, such as Discworld.

I'm genetically incapable of producing visual art that doesn't make human eyes bleed, so this account features my pretty good fan fiction (if there even is such a thing), most notably "Mai's Ramblings", the greatest parody of shipping and ATLA in general.